This book is designed to exercise and celebrate authentic faith, and to encourage willful participation from all people who seek to know God more.

A New Book
by Glen Aubrey

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1, New International Version (NIV)

It is highly personal and, at the same time, should be shared with others. Faith matters for everyone. It is part of godly character, not contrived or manufactured. If we want more faith, we must identify what makes faith as believers in Christ and Christ-followers truly authentic and worth the individual life change that must accompany it. Real life change for the better is necessary when authentic faith is desired and present. This faith is described in Hebrews 11:1. From the KJV: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Authentic faith is comprised of both hope and evidence … hope in God’s provision and evidence of His faithfulness through all time. You are invited to experience a Breakthrough of faith as one who willingly submits to God without reservation.

What is "authentic faith?"

If you seek a life of fulfillment, read Faith Matters. Experience an authentic breakthrough to enrich your
life in countless ways.
~ Bruce Broadfoot, Mortgage Loan Officer

Faith is at the very heart of our relationship with God. Maybe you need a breakthrough. Start here with Faith Matters.
~ Deborah Little, Retired Director of Assisted Living, Mount Miguel Covenant Village,
Spring Valley, California

Faith Matters explores the essence of a key element of the Christian experience. Enjoy this book with me.
~ Mike Atkinson, Publisher of MIKEY’S FUNNIES,

“Just have faith.” Author Glen Aubrey makes it easy to understand what authentic faith should look like. His words are authentic and wise. Find the breakthrough you need when it comes to your faith
~ Nate Grella, Pastor, Compass Christian Church,
North Fort Worth, Texas

Faith Matters is a personal journal describing the essential components of faith. Glen Aubrey weaves personal reflections, inviting the reader into the realm of authentic faith. “Faith Matters!” Give it a read!
~ Vernon Lintvedt, Pastor, Blessed Savior Lutheran Church, O’Fallon, Illinois


God is not the author of confusion, missteps, or mistakes. His guidance is always right, His timing always perfect.

Faith Matters is biblically based with insightful nuggets and truths! These things brought smiles to my face and made my heart sing! The book reveals obvious applications of truth.Glen, you are a gifted musician, lyricist, and poet and you have an affinity for melodic sentences.I endorse you as your friend.

~ Monica Hunter, Friend of Author

While I am an avid reader, I am more likely to be reading history or mystery than a “religious” book. I found Faith Matters to be a most enjoyable read.Glen provides several fundamentals of Christian life with the emphasis that the faith that matters is a lifelong process, not just a “mountaintop” experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.

~ John Christiansen, CPT, U.S. Army (pilot, Vietnam), Technical Sales Engineer, Educator (technical theater, chemistry), church lay leader.

From a cross-section of people of faith in diverse walks of life:

This small, easily read volume happily reminds me of the old hymn, “Tell Me the Old, Old Story (of Jesus and His love)”. What Faith Matters presents is not unheard of—except by some.For you who are searching for a breakthrough—or even a fullness of faith---it will figure among those foundational things that will make all the difference in you. The Story is indeed of God’s unmovable love for you, and God’s abiding invitation to you to “Come and see”.Some of this old hymn’s lyrics plead“Tell me the story often, For I forget so soon.”You will return often to what are “indisputable facts” from Scripture, as Glen assures us in Faith Matters, as your life in Christ matures: that’s where the Old, Old Story of Christ’s love for you will manifest itself as ever-new, ever-wondrous, ever-needed, and always just what the soul hungers for.You will find that maturing into the person God created you to be contrasts to merely human maturing, which is toward independence from parents; rather, it will see you growing ever more Godward, dependent upon—not independent of—God; and blessedly so.In his “Closing Thoughts”, Glen Aubrey summarizes clearly, “…the Breakthrough in relation with God is the transformation of our entire way of living, our entire selves, by Him.” Faith Matters will encourage you in that.

~ “Tell Me the Old, Old Story” is in the Public Domain. Poem by English Evangelist Katherine Hankey, 1866. Music by Rt. Rev. George Washington Doane.

~ Deanna Harrington Christiansen, Poet

As a child, I was force-fed religion. I was told what to believe and when to believe it. This would ultimately cause me to rebel. A wise man once told me later in life, “A church is just a place where people meet to share in their faith, and that anywhere I laid my head down to pray could be my church.” I have always battled with my faith but have always maintained a level of faith that sees me through and comforts me when I seek salvation.As Glen wrote, “Even for those who may profess to not believe, or have little or no faith in God, their daily experiences with faith prove consistency in belief and practice of some kind of faith to varying degrees.”This book has given me so much insight into a man I consider to be a dear friend, insight into a man with unbreakable faith, and insight into who I am, and who I wish to be. Faith matters very much and finding it completely will be my ultimate journey.Glen, I thank you for giving me the inspiration to rediscover not only who I am, but why I am.

~ Tim Woolpert, Singer, Songwriter

Many things we cannot control. We can, however,control us:
our attitudes, actions, responses.

About Glen Aubrey

Author, Publisher, Professional Musician, Emmy ® Award Winner, Consultant

Glen Aubrey is an author, publisher, professional musician, Emmy Award Winner, and business consultant.

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The Breakthrough encompasses all that we desire and need according to God’s perfect will when we explore and live in what faith in God and His principles and practices really mean. It is His true, verifiable, life-changing, and authentic faith.


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